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  We, at Winddancer, are dedicated to the education of wolfdogs and their wild counterparts.  Through education, we hope to gain an understanding from the public against the myths and misconceptions of these magnificent animals.  What we don't understand, we fear and because we have all grown up with the stories of the big bad wolf, we often times, let our fears interfere with learning.  It is one of our goals to change the publics mind through education and hands on experiences.

 We have paired up and selectively bred our wolfdogs so that one compliments what the other is lacking.  In doing so, we produce some magnificent pups.  We feel when pups are produced from the best representation of the breed and along with socialization, you are well on your way to having a great, well-adjusted companions that will bring you many years of happiness, companionship and love.

We bottle feed our puppies at a very early age so they are people acclimated.  Our puppies are raised with children and we expose them to many situations, sites, sounds and they are introduced to lots of people of various ages.  The puppies are introduced to other breeds of dogs because they will mimic behavior.  They tend to take on the personality of the dogs and are more willing to come to us and become more outgoing...also, they are exposed to lots of animals from cats to horses.  In doing so, when our puppies go to their new homes they can continue to be raised with a variety of animals and the process has allowed our puppies to develop very sound temperaments.  We have made it a top priority to produce the best puppies possible...

  Wolfdogs Magazine is a very useful tool in rearing up a puppy.  It is written by wolfdog owners from all over and from many different walks of life.  We highly recommend that you get Wolfdogs Magazine and keep it as a reference to learn about some the early history of the breed, living with wolfdogs, training, health and other information that is useful in learning about wolfdogs, in general.  You can find the magazine at

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Last updated 2019

~ Glacier is sadly missed ~

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